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Page history last edited by David Shutkin 8 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to the Multimodal Production -- eWorkshop


The goal of the  eWorkshop is to support the digital storytelling and multimedia production of fellow students.

    •    Whether the medium is conventional text or multimedia, writing is communication and you are always writing for an audience! In this case, your audience includes your fellow FYS students and me (Dr. Shutkin).
    •    You can really help each other develop and  improve your digital storytelling and multimedia production skills and develop better ideas!
    •    Don’t forget, struggle to be supportive and appreciative of each other’s digital storytelling and multimedia production.  To this end, criticisms must be constructive and helpful.
    •    Remember, when your audience does not seem to understand what you are producing or attempting to communicate, it is a signal that you need to edit your work so that it is better understood by your audience!

The Multimodal eWorkshop is designed to support your digital storytelling and multimedia production work. Each student will be assigned to a group of three FYS students. At designated times across the semester you will be asked to post your work to a digital storytelling discussion forum. 

An ideal environment for posting, sharing, reviewing and commenting on drafts and revisions of digital stories and multimedia work will be determined.  As you read draft versions of each other’s digital stories, please consult the FYS Assessment Rubric to support your assessment.  More than any single source of support, your thoughtful and constructive criticisms will offer meaningful support for each other’s work.

Limited class time for the Multimodal Workshop will be made available too.

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