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Multimodal Tools

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Awesome Web 2.0 Tools



Easel.ly is a website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online.


Quackit Website Tutorials!

Quackit teaches beginners how to create websites. We start off slowly, teaching you the basics such as HTML and CSS. We then introduce you to more advanced topics so that you can add more features to your website. So bookmark this page now and let's begin!


Getting Started with Facebook for Journalists

Updated June 21, 2011 in Social Media

Journalists can use Facebook to get leads, find sources, get feedback, partner with the audience, promote stories and publications and much more. However, all of this starts with a basic step-by-step understanding of how Facebook works.  Getting started with Facebook can be intimidating for some journalists. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of getting your own account and setting your initial privacy settings. 


Twitter for Journalists

Updated June 23, 2011 in Social Media

Twitter is a powerful tool for journalists, who use it for everything from finding sources to engaging the public in communities drawn across lines of interest. This tutorial offers an introduction to Twitter and how journalists can best utilize it.


Google Docs  Document Sharing
Lefora       Discussion Forum
Blogger      WebLog
AudioPal     Pod Cast


CogDogRoo50 Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story

At this website you will find more than fifty (50) web 2.0 tools you can use to create a web-based story. The idea is not to review or try every single one (that would be madness, I know), but pick a few that sound interesting and see what you produce.


With AudioPal anyone with a Website, Blog, or social Network page can post dynamic audio quick and easy.


How does Blogger Mobile work?: How to post text, pictures or video to your blogger site.


Sound Clip Collection

These are sound bytes (wav files) collected over the years ... So kick back and enjoy

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