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Page history last edited by David Shutkin 8 years, 11 months ago



Dr. Shutkin what his greatest advice would be in order to succeed in this class, and I would also be interested in knowing about the most fascinating place he has traveled?


What was your hardest class you took while attending college?
What made you want to be a teacher for a career?


Which class do you enjoy teaching the most?
What do you like about JCU the most?


Where are you originally from?
What is your favorite food?


Why Digital media? What makes it interesting to you? Why do you think it's important? What experience do you have with digital media?


is digital media one of your favorite things to teach and is this one of the more fun classes you've taught


How long have you been at Carroll?
Whats the coolest thing you've ever done on a computer?
What are your favorite things to do?



What other classes do you teach?
Why did you want to teach this class?
I would be interested to know what types of media we will be using in this class and how Dr. Shutkin got interested in this sort of a topic.
Dr. Shutkin: How long have you been involved in social media.  Whats your favorite social media site to use?
How advance do my skills need to be with technology in order to succeed in the class?

Dr. Shutkin, what do you like enjoy doing most in your free time?
What is the difference between digital and social media ?
Where did he attend college?
How long has he been teaching?

Where did you study? How often do you personally use digital media? If there is one song that describes your personality, what is it?
What are your personal thoughts about the new technological era of today? Do you feel this era impacts people as a whole in a positive or negative manner?
What do you think is the most important technological advancement of today?

How are social justice and the media intertwined?
What would it take to get an "A" in your class?

Is it difficult to maintain the amount of blogs you have?

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