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Debaters earn points by making factual assertions supported by evidence and for countering or refuting assertions supported by evidence.


The Judges

Ryan Ferra
Patrick Gawryszewski
Mitch Haft
Kyle Kratman



1.) The US government should institute formal policy that bars overseas sales of systems that provide targeted Internet surveillance if such systems are used to violate human rights or freedom of speech (such as the current internet censorship in China).


Molly Bealin Jeff Bona
 Katie Coffey Anthony Debaltzo
 Alex Messina  Brendan Vujcec
Mario Jastrzebski Zach Kellner
Dominic Leone  Leena Zahra



2.) The evolving capabilities to speak out and criticize the Chinese government using microblogs and other Internet social media will lead to more and greater freedoms for the Chinese people.


Kristen Andrushko Nicholas Byron
Mark Creel Tayler DiNapoli
Emily Eicher Hailey  Meinen
Alexandra Higl Matthew Koballa
Brianna Ruth Meagan McNicholas


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