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FYS Digital Media    Swarm Lab        

Goal: 5 sections of FYS collaborating to solve the following 3 challenges.  Communicate using Twitter, no direct person to person communication.  Share your ideas, questions, results (successes and failures, both are critical to share).  If you try something and it does not work, please share this information so others don’t also try the same thing. Include a brief explanation of what occurred with your model.

Tweet your results, include screen prints:
With the model view visible on your computer, press the “print screen” button to capture an image of your screen.

Open the “paint”program, press ctrl-v (or file/paste) to copy your screen print into a program that can save the image.

Select ctrl-s (or file/save) to save the screen print image to a file.   You need to remember the location you choose to save to, perhaps click on the desktop and give the file a specific name. 

Log in to twitter, create a new tweet, press the “add an image” button.
Browse to the location that you save the file from the paint program (desktop?): select the image file:

Add an appropriate hashtag to the tweet along with information that explains your attempt and results.  

List of Challenges (ALL must be solved by the combined efforts of all five sections)

For Example: If someone in Dr. Seiter’s section or Dr. Shutkin’s section solves the third challenge, everyone should stop working on it and try to solve a different, as yet unsolved, one.

Challenge 1:
Get all ants lining up, facing all the edges of the space on the right except the edge against the gap. 200 ants, 1 food source, all remaining ants against the right, top and bottom edges.

Challenge 2:
Forget about building bridges, just worry about keeping the ants alive.  
200 ants, 50 food sources, no more than 3 dead ants, length: at least 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Challenge 3:
Get 10 ants into the nest (goal) on the other side of the gap.  150 ants, 100 food sources.

To begin the challenges, go to:


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