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Service Learning Project Proposal Guidelines

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 Your proposal is due in class on October 19th.


(On the 19th, class meets at your liason professor's classroom)


Working in a small group, please develop a project proposal subject to the approval of the community partner and your liaison professor. You project proposal will need to be submitted to both your community partner and to your liaison professor. During the meeting on October 19th, the faculty liaison, your community partner and your group will discuss the merits and feasibility of your group's proposal.


Please develop a plan for a digital media project that your group will do that will be of use to your service partners. Your project could be to update or contribute to the digital presence (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) of the organization, it could be to host a workshop on the use of digital technology and/or social media for a constituency, it could be hosting a one-day event, game, or course, or some other project that makes sense.


Project Proposal Research

Prior to writing your project proposal, please research and answer the following questions. This section of your proposal is to include a minimum of 2 pages that details who you spoke to, other resources you obtained, and the results of your research:


  • Research your community partner. Interview the people that work at the community partner. Learn about the community they are serving, their organization, sponsors, and volunteers. What is the mission of the community partner? What are their immediate versus long-term goals? What are their challenges?
  • Discuss with your community partner possible projects that you might do that could help them fulfill their mission and meet their goals.


Project Proposal Guidelines

In your project proposal please answer the following questions/include the following information. This section of your proposal is to include a minimum of 2 pages that details your responses to the following 7 queries.


1 .What is the purpose of this project?
2. What resources are needed to complete this project?
3. Why do you think you are able to complete this project? (Example: I know how to use Skype already so I can create a workshop on how to Skype for residents at the Eliza Bryant Village.)
4 .How does this project contribute to the mission of the organization?
5. Who are the project team members? How will the team communicate? How often will team members meet?
6. What are the specific responsibilities of each team member?
7. Include a rough timeline of how this project will be completed before December 10.


Your proposal is due in class on October 19th. During this class, representatives from the community partners will join your group and your service-learning liaison professor to discuss the merits and feasibility of your group’s proposal.



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