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DigitalMediaInThe World

Page history last edited by David Shutkin 6 years, 11 months ago

Digital Media in the World


Project Guidelines

FYS 93

Dr. David Shutkin

This is a group project


I can use my group assessment rubric...


I have a question:  Am I looking for a project that supports a social justice issue with digital media or a digital media and social justice issue addressed by other means?


The paragraph that I need to write here is to express the idea of responsibility as the ability to respond and ethics as the interruption of totality. I might also add something about the pursuit of justice.  And of course, I need to situate all three in relation to digital media.  I could use an example such as the Snowden act. And then I might add that this is not about my approval of your politics but rather the relative merits of the proposal.


There must be criteria for an effective project:

1. reaches a population beyond FYS

2. Addresses issue(s) at the intersection of digital media and social justice

3. Is approved by all affected organizations or individuals

4. Will cause no harm, physical or emtional, to any individuals

5. Will cause no damage to property

6. Involves no illegal materials or activities  


Through analysis and synthesis of your research, blog entries, course readings, discussions and other activities, write an essay germane to the field of curriculum studies.  Through this essay, I challenge you to find your voice and make a contribution to the discourse in the field.  Your essay can be created in any form and/or medium approved by Dr. Shutkin.


(Not to exceed 3750 words / 15 pages)



What is the topic of your research? Briefly describe the topic within the context of the field of curriculum studies and your lived experiences in the field of education.


Problem Statement

What is the problem that your topic responds to? Research topics don't emerge from nothing. They arise out of a situation in which there is a need, a problem that must be solved. What needs, interests and prior knowledge form a foundation for your research topic? What connections do you make with other topics you know or study? Conversely, what "big" question or questions do you have about this topic? What do you want to know; what important content and concepts will you learn? What knowledge, skills, strategies and attitudes do you expect to gain?



Literature Review

Situate your essay within the field of curriculum studies. Survey the literature to determine the discursive boundaries of the topic or theme of your research.  Discuss the varying issues, perspectives and debates productive of this discourse.  In your literature review, please define the research topic, comparing and contrasting how it is variously defined across the literature surveyed. Further, discuss how the topic is treated in the literature, i.e. what are the articles about, what are the historical, political, cultural and/or economic perspectives of the articles, and so forth?


Conclusions:  Discussion, Analysis, Synthesis

Discuss your voice and the significance of your essay within the discourse in the field of curriculum studiesWhat is/are the problem(s) / question(s) that your research responded to?  How have you addressed / solved this/these problem(s) and/or how have you answered the question or questions about this topic?  What do you know now; what important content and concepts have you learned?  What knowledge, skills, strategies and attitudes have you gained?  What are the results and/or conclusions of your research? Discuss these fully.



Complete bibliography in a standard form such as MLA, Chicago or APA.


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