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Discussion Assignment

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Pay it Forward Discussion Assignment


Discussion 1 Discussion 2
Discussion 3
Discussion 4
Discussion 5
Discussion 6
Row1 Sadie Aman  Jonathan Arehart  Sydney Brown   Benjamin Campbell  Sami Taylor  David Chojnacki  
Row2 Nicolas Daigle  Megan Fenner  William Good   Meredith Hall    Mia Iaderosa  
Cole Larson 
Row3 Matthew McGreal   Mason McKenrick 
Ethan Moeller  Joseph Mrowca  Anthony Perugini  Connor (James) Simpson   
Row4 Jaclyn Steele  Matthew Thomas  Sara Verdi  James Walleshauser  Jakob Wendell  Ryan Hovis   


Students are divided into discussion groups.  For a group's assigned readings, each member is responsible for: 


1. Developing 3-5 thoughtful and engaging discussion questions based on the assigned readings;
2. Posting these discussion questions to his or her WebLog prior to class
2. Preparing to guide and organize class discussion based on the questions.


Question Posing Guidelines

Questions should attempt to make links between various ideas in the text and course, deepen our understanding, or point out anomalies in the argument or style of the author.  Under no condition should discussions questions be easily answered with “yes” or “no” unequivocally.  The best questions will provoke disagreement around interpretation or challenge the class to think beyond the framework of the text. 


Discussion questions and/or the discussions will be assessed using the View and Appreciation aspects of the FYS holistic assessment rubric.


Please know that the development of our learning community in FYS is enhanced immeasurably by the shared responsibility, expressed through our individual effort, for the development of our learning community.


In other words, the success of your learning is as much dependent on your effort and level of engagement as it is on the synergistic effects of our collective efforts and levels of engagement! 


In short, for every class session, when you are prepared it really helps your classmates that are responsible for leading discussion! The discussions will be better and we will all benefit.


Depending on the day, I may or may not ask your group to lead the discussion. 


Discussion One Discussion Two
Discussion Three
Discussion Four Discussion Five Discussion Six
Noemi Becza 
Tristan Bourdess 
Nick Bozzo
Jason Buchert  Matt Collard Ethan Finn
Lindsay Georger 
Joel Gramling
Jake Hedley  
Megan Isherwood 
Foster King AJ Marinucci 
Ashley Mysza
Ben Parker 
Catie Pauley   Mike Rinicella    August Runyon  Kyle Shaffer 
Sean Shriner  
Bill Sowers 
Santo St. Vincent  
Bryant Stone    Justin Twarog  Chase White



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