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Codes of Gender

Page history last edited by David Shutkin 6 years, 2 months ago

Below, please find your group and room assignments for the Codes of Gender Digital Story project. I look forward to working with you on this project.


Follow this link to a description of the Codes of Gender Digital Story project.


Codes of Gender from Media Education Foundation 

(You might skip ahead to minute 21 which is where we left off in class)

By looking beyond advertising as a medium that simply sells products, and beyond analyses of gender that tend to focus on either biology or objectification, The Codes of Gender offers important insights into the social construction of masculinity and femininity, the relationship between gender and power, and the everyday performance of cultural norms. Year of Production: 2009 | Filmmaker(s): Andrew Killoy, Jeremy Earp


Dolan East 223 Shutkin (Friday)

BR 43 Palmer (Friday)

(S)Megan Fenner             2/2

(P)Steve Evenhuis

(P)Jenny Byczek

(S)Nic Daigle


(P) Adian O’Donnel         3/1

(S)Ben Campbell           

(S)Sami Taylor

(P)Alen Dujmovic


(P)Tipton Woodward       2/2

(S)Mia Iaderosa 

(P)Keith Norman

(S)Sydney Brown


(S)Matt McGreal             4/0      

(S)Joseph Mrowca

(P)Joe Latkovich

(P)Brian Hulsman


(S)Connor Simpson         4/0

(S)Matt Thomas

(P)John Schur

(P)PJ Volpe           


(P) Sean Hennessy           2/2

(S) Sara Verdi     

(S) Ethan Moeller

(P) Teresa Prinster



(S)Ryan Hovis                4/0

(S)Jonathan Arehart

(P) Ryan Napoli      

(P)Nick Baase


(S)Sadie Aman                0/3

(S)Jaclyn Steele

(P)Kaitlin Tyree  


(P)Andy Chan                 4/0

(P)Kyle Daugenti

(S)David Chojnacki 

(S)Jake Wendell            


(P)Zeke Haenelt               4/0

(P)Jake Helton

(S)Mason McKenrick    

(S)William Good                        


(P)Ryan Kazimour           4/0

(P)Joe Mancuso

(P)Michael Pietrowski

(S)Tony Perugini


(P)Salih Saritoprak          3/0

(S)Jim  Walleshauser

(P)Jimmy White







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